Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acase Citta Slide In Protective Case for iPhone 5 Product Description

This is the new creative case for iPhone 5 from Acase. How's creative ? Let me show you...

1. Made in Taiwan
Made in Taiwan case is really rare now. Most of factories already moved to China. Reason is considering of Taiwan cost production which materials and labor wage are higher than China. But Made in Taiwan product quality is always better than China. That's why Acase wants to make the market segmentation. We prefer to produce high quality & creative product with bit higher price than cheaper product with low quality. We also believe the word "You get what you pay for" because our main goal is only satisfy our costumers who looking for good quality, user friendly and creative product.

2. Japan Premium Coating
Citta case is using Japan premium coating. The different of Japan and China coating quality is Japan coating is more durable , no paint coating peel off problem and comfortable sense of touch. When consumer touch the coating, it's very easy to distinguish which one is the premium quality. Besides, Taiwan technique of spray paint and mix colors is considerably higher than China. Usually China can't reach this kind of premium coating effect and will face color and coating problems when the mass production.

3. Slide in Installation
We broke the stereotype of iPhone case installation. Common iPhone case installation is from the back to the front , but Acase creates the another installation way, we choose slide in installation from the left side to the right side. Installation is very easy. This case is not only offers best protection for your iPhone 5, also has stylish design and many color options.

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